Product Description

Corrugated is the only rigid shipping and packaging medium that can be cut and folded into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. Its versatility makes it perfect for nearly every packaging application.

Why do so many companies choose to work with Northern Bag? Because our designers are experts at creating packaging to meet customer needs, and we are dedicated to product innovation, quality manufacturing processes, and customer satisfaction.

We understand that every product has its own protection and promotion requirements. That's why even our "standard" brown boxes are custom designed and use varying materials. We have local packaging engineers to meet all of the needs of our customers. No matter how simple or how challenging we welcome the opportunity to serve you!

We stock a wide range of moving boxes and plain boxes as well as corrugated sheets available for same-day shipment.


Features & Benefits

  • Corrugated Sheets and Fanfold
  • Long Run Boxes and Die Cuts
  • Bulk Boxes
  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Printing Inks and Plates
  • Recycling Services
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